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As we move into light beings, there are many adjustments to make!

At the end of this age, as a pathworker, the door for me has become a gatekeeper of sorts. A guide to the planet for the star children, and earth beings who are leaving this realm, and guide to the workers that are here who are helping the planet.

I am given and share insight for them. This is for their protection and for tools to use to help them stay here healthy, happy, grounded way, so they can do their work!


So roll up your sleeves and let us get to work.

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Present Reading

Medium - Other Side Reading

Past Life Regression

Chakra Clearing & Balancing

House Clearing

HandFasting & Blessing Ceremonies

Empowerment Classes

Psychic Development

Animal, Stone & Divination Guidance

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Ellen is a very talented medium. She impressed many people in my group, including myself, with the accuracy of her readings. She was a pleasure to work with and a wonderful addition to our event! I would definitely hire her again. Update: it's been 5 months since Ellen did my reading, and one of her predictions about my life has (quite unexpectedly) come true... she is the real deal!


Michelle C - Halloween Party

The Bash - Bring Your Celebrations to Life
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